Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Late Bana Bihari Pahari, Zamindar of Shyam Sundarpur Patna and its surrounding village, established the school in the year 1952. He was a good administrator, and a pundit too. he had huge collection of books including very rare books.

During those days the number of graduates persons was very very less not only in surrounding area but also upto much distant areas away from city like kolkata, or medinipur, or tamluk etc. So very naturally the number of students with who passed Intermediate were also very less. After establishing the school with the desire that school will help educating children of nearby villages, the big hurdle was getting teachers for it. To get sanction of the school both the number of teachers and number of students were important. Needless to say that salary of teachers were very less during those days. And those who joined in teachership looked the profession as a part of nation-building. Due to their sacrifice, tireless effort and contribution a teacher used to get highest form of respect from the society. This story of starting and then running the school is more or less same for any school which were set up before and after the independence in the villages of Bengal.

Within few years of its establishment, Shri Nirmal Chandra Maity took over the charge of the school. Under his great leadership, suported with the great effort of assistant head master Late Shyam Lal Goswami, the school attained a very good reputation in academicia not only in the then Medinipur district, but all over West Bengal. The name of few teachers who served the school are Shyama Pada Ghorai, Bijoy Krishna Bhatacharya (Pundit babu), Satya Ranjan Samanta, Panchu Gopal parui, Satya Narayan Mahapatra, Gopal Kirshna Goswami, Ananta Charan Bhowmik, Shasanka Sekhar Datta, Narayan Chandra Das, Anil Chandra Samanta, Krishna Pada Dey , Shital Chandra Maity, Ranjit Datta, Ambika Charan Bhowmik, Sk Fazle Moula etc.

Later this list was enhanced by a number of teachers like Kanai Lal Nanda, Nitai Charan Ram, Murali Mohan Maity, Pulin Bihari Sasmal, Rabindra Jana, Ashoke Dey, Hasibur Rahaman, Kanai Mandal, Banshi Badan maity, Banshi Badan Paul, Gajendra Nath Maity, Bishnu babu, Kalipada Maity, Banani Ghosh, Madhuri Das, Ashish Dey, Swapan Bhattacharya, Haradhan babu, Kamal Krishna kar, Banamali Maity, Goutam Bose, Shyam Sundar Maity, Susobhan Paul etc. However some of them left the school in between for reasons such as to join as HM to other schools.

[ Note: By mistake name of some teachers may be spelled or written wrongly. And to avoid any possible mistake/confusion for writting 'shri' or 'late' in front of names of teachers, only the names are written. I appologise for that. And request all to give feedbacks on this and any other topic or new happenings or any past or present events in the school ]